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Hey friends, here are some more Cirrus and Nimbus pets I created.

Obsideon, Draklaita and the Zisscor

Link to misticpets!

So I totally work for misticpets again, have been since Jan. We’ve been working hard on this new cloud theme and it was finally released, I’m so excited!
Welcome the Cirrus (left) and Nimbus (right) pets. Here are the Belragoth, Braenon and Mandoran I worked on
The general emotion behind the theme is either shy, neautral or grumpy from the bright sun waking them, or the drizzle raining on their parade

Link to Misticpets!

Overlay for Nukenai!

Created these 4 pieces (in the space of 2 days amazingly), for a recent exhibition at Espionage Gallery Adelaide, called Gotham. It opened on the 3rd and was to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Batman!
The night was awesome, the gallery was turned into a batcave, and we had a Batman there on the night.
All 4 of my framed pieces sold as well (which is awesome for me)

Slowly getting better at drawing and styling people! Having human art shown in an exhibition was a first for me, and a big step to being more confident with them.

I’m just so excited

Here have the greninja from my poster on his own cause he is best 

Comic con… More like cumberbatch con! Spent way too much time in line on Saturday but it was worth it!
That is the expression of a man you accidentally blurted out “you’re gorgeous” to

He was stoked to have a smaug to sign! Even more when I said I did it (he definitely got a copy of his own)
Amazing actor, amazing dragon, amazing eyes and a genuine, nice, and polite gentleman!

And of course an AliceXZ print from Society6 that my fiancé got signed. 
Can’t wait to frame these! 

(sorry I’ve blurred myself forgive me)

Begins tomorrow!
I have new things and old favourites! 
I’m already exhausted and the weekend hasn’t even started @.@

finished done blah


me and my butts

I got some new buttons done! While most are reused art I’m still happy to have some more variety

Finished this! Yay!!

No time to rest though |D

You came to the wrong region by KaceyMeg

I finished a thing
one of my many WIP that have been collecting dust